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Achieve better results from content marketing with expert content editing services. Our professional editors will strengthen and polish your written content to ensure spotless writing and greater engagement of your target audience. Place your order and start working with a skilled editor today!

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What types of editing do we offer?

With 11+ years of experience in content creation and editing, we assist business owners and individuals with every type of writing they need to polish:

  • Website content editing

    From landing pages and product pages to blog articles and entertaining posts, we check all types of writing for the web, ensuring that you distribute proper content across all channels. Our content editors check the writing style, accuracy of facts, grammar, and punctuation, and also check that your article is formatted correctly for better readability.

  • Academic editing

    Our in-house editors help students and researchers polish their academic texts before submission or publication. We perform an in-depth analysis of your paper, give suggestions on how to strengthen your paper, and correct citations. Plus, we format everything according to your preferred style guide for academic papers.

  • Business editing

    Do you need a strong, persuasive press release, presentation, business email, or report? Or, want to impress a potential employer with a powerful resume and cover letter? Our agency edits business documents for a variety of situations, ensuring consistently professional writing and effective delivery of your key message to a target audience.

  • Content writing

    Need help developing great content for your readers? Our content creation agency writes 100% original, compelling texts that attract more subscribers and potential clients. We also optimize content for SEO to increase your site's visibility.

  • ESL editing

    Is English your second language? Our team offers a comprehensive ESL editing service. We check your writing for common errors and work on word choice, helping improve the fluency and clarity in your writing.

  • Fiction editing

    We offer book and novel editing services to fiction writers, helping you get published faster. An editor will review the main elements of your story, recommending edits if necessary to strengthen your narrative and presentation.

We help improve and perfect any content

Our talented content editors can polish and improve any piece of text, preserving your original writing style and the meaning of the text. You can turn to us to get any type of content improved:

  • website content
  • landing pages
  • social media posts
  • email notification
  • e-books
  • white papers
  • presentations
  • blog articles
  • case studies
  • press releases, and more.

Outsource your content editing to a trusted expert

The quality of the content on your website and on social media often determines whether a visitor will click through your site and subscribe for updates or choose your competitor. On the flip side, creating content on a daily basis and optimizing it for search engines takes a lot of effort, so many businesses and individuals skip editing whatsoever.

Don't let a tiny confusing typo or a factual mistake spoil the impression about you - turn to experts to have all your written materials edited. At CWS, we provide content editing and proofreading services to businesses, authors, and students. We check the structure and flow of your document so that ideas transition seamlessly into each other. We perform fact checking to ensure accuracy, which is essential for both business professionals and research papers. Moreover, we correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation to ensure the excellent quality of your English content.

Why choose our editing and proofreading services?

  • Quick ordering process - placing an order for an editing service takes just five minutes. After you've posted your task, sit back and relax - we will take care of everything.
  • One-on-one cooperation with an editor - we will connect you with one of our content editors, and you can discuss your project with them directly using our messenger. Or, check on your order anytime using our live chat for an instant response.
  • Quick turnaround - our content editing services are available with a 12-hour turnaround or even faster. Our editors work quickly with utmost attention to detail, providing you with high-quality content in hours.
  • Affordable, transparent rates - whether you are looking for copy editing or line editing, all types of editing are available at a single fee per 275 words (one double-spaced page). You can calculate the price upfront so there'll be no surprises.
  • We work with AI-generated content - If you use AI tools for content generation, our copy editors can help polish it, too. We will ensure the consistent use of your brand voice, error-free writing and factual accuracy for the best result.

How to edit your written content like a pro?

If you would like to edit content on your own, be sure to take the following steps:

Take a break. After you've written an article or essay, put it aside for a while for at least an hour. After getting distracted, you'll be able to approach editing with a fresh perspective. Thus, you will spot more mistakes in the text.

Read it aloud. Everything might look great on paper, but once you read the text aloud, you'll instantly spot awkward phrases, and incomplete or vague sentences. If you need to take an extra breath before finishing the sentence, it's a sign that the sentence is too long and it's better to break it into two.

Use online proofreading tools. AI-powered online spell checkers can ease the proofreading process for you. They can spot grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues. Be sure to review each correction so that it makes sense before approving it, as online tools are not always accurate. Don't forget that spell checkers cannot replace human editing completely.

Use clear, simple language. Web content isn't the best place to show off sophisticated words and technical terms. Remember that content should be easy for everyone to understand. Use simple words, short paragraphs, and explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner to retain your audience.

Check logical flow between paragraphs. One paragraph should contain one main idea. Use transitional phrases between paragraphs so that they seamlessly flow. Make sure that your sentences are clear and concise. Vary the short sentences with longer ones to create a rhythm and improve readability.

Consider formatting. Review your content formatting - headings, subheadings, bulleted lists, and visual elements. Make sure that the text is well-structured and visually appealing, as most people look through content rather than read it.

Our editing services can help correct and enhance your content. From quick proofreading to in-depth developmental editing - we can assist with everything! Chat with us to discuss how we can perfect your content.

Our advantages

  • High-quality editing

    With 100+ in-house editors, we can complete the project of any difficulty. Our editors are native or near-native English speakers who are super attentive to detail and familiar with different industries. So, you can count on timely and high-quality editing services.

  • Fact checking and formatting

    In addition to improving logical flow, word choice and correcting the grammar, our content editors can also do the fact-checking to build trust with your audience. Plus, we will format your piece for better readability and in accordance with the SEO recommendations.

  • Tracked changes

    We will deliver both clean and tracked version with editor's comments. Thus, you will see what exactly we've changed. Your editor will also share the comments on how to improve the text further.

  • Experienced content editors

    Our experts can correct both human-written and AI-generated content, ensuring that it reflects your brand voice, meets SEO requirements, and can drive engagement of your audience.

  • Timely delivery

    On our website, it's you who chooses the deadline. We guarantee timely delivery of each order so that you are never late with posting. In the case of late delivery, you can claim a refund.

  • Support 24/7

    Our content editing service is always in touch with you in the live chat. Contact us anytime to get a consultation, resolve all technical issues or check on the existing order.

How much do professional content editors charge?

The cost of editing your website content depends on how many words you need to check, the complexity of the task, the deadline, the editor's qualifications, and other factors. Our website offers high-quality yet affordable editing services thanks to the remote business model.

Proofreading services start at $7 per 275 words (one page). This cost includes correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other minor errors. The editor also checks the formatting in your documents as per your style guide.

Editing starts at $11 per page. Our content editors ensure the logical flow of ideas in your text, check the structure, and word choice, and perform in-depth evaluation of your content. We check all elements in your text ensuring that it is well-written and meets your goals.

You can save on content edit services by purchasing a package of 10+ articles. Chat with us to find out more about our discounts and special offers.