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Why do we need the reviews on essay writing services?

Custom writing services have become numerous all over the Internet. Every service tries to be the best and to exceed others by means of some peculiarities and special options. They are working really hard to win the customers and good reputation. However, not all the services are honest in their intentions. Some of them do not work professionally, and their only aim is to earn money, without delivering the product of high quality.

Each custom writing service tries to convince us to make an order. Here is the moment when you should be careful. If you do not want to fall into the trap of fake writing service, you should check our rating of the most reliable and the top of unreliable sites.


Modern students have more opportunities and privileges nowadays. Due to the technological process, the usage of Internet and computers, the process of studying has become more simple then it was years ago. In addition, today’s students can order papers online, which makes their college life easier and more fun. It may sound surprising, but ordering papers online can really lead you to success. Papers, written by professional writers can improve your grades and your authority among the classmates. The way to success have never been so easy!


So, today you received your written home assignment. What will be your next step? Next step – is the choice of custom writing service. It can be quite difficult, especially if you have never ordered papers online, or you afraid to take any risks.

Nevertheless, there is a number of significant advantages, that will help you to make the final decision:

  • Ordered papers are of good quality, with correct formatting and references;
  • Prices for the services are available and every student can afford ordering paper online;
  • Papers are being written by professional academic writers, which means that they will pass the plagiarism checker, as being written from scratch;
  • Custom written paper may serve as a good sample of how academic paper should look like. By using this sample, you may have an opportunity to learn how to write good papers by yourself;
  • When ordering paper online, you will get more free time as a bonus!

These advantages speak for themselves. Disadvantages of using writing services online may occur only when you choose unreliable services with bad rating. That is why we created this review site, where you can choose the service, which will be beneficial for you. This is tightly connected with the fact, that people, who used the services, can share the most adequate and truthful information as for their impressions.

When making the order on custom writing site, you have no opportunity to find out any information about the writers, who work for this company, that is why the only solution, which will help you to choose company of high quality, is to check our truthful reviews. By reading them, you will get an overall impression from the site, and then decide, whether to make an order or not.


Our reviews, published on the site, contain the following information:

  • Quality of the company. It includes the overall impression from the company, the convenience of the menu and the description of the services provided.
  • Information about the support. It includes the description of the means, by which you can contact the support team, and the possible quality of support you will get.
  • Facts about the quality of the written paper, formatting, as well as about the degree of writers, who work for the company. Professional services work with academic writers, while fake services hire freelance writers, who don’t possess the required degree.
  • Deadline correspondence. Every reliable service strictly follows the deadline of the customer. We properly describe the information about the way companies fulfill their promises to deliver the paper on time.
  • Prices are also being strictly checked. None of us wants to pay more, that is why we pay a lot of attention to this factor.


Some custom writing services offer really profitable discounts for their new customers, as well as for returning ones. We examine all the sites thoroughly, to find the most interesting offers to save some money. Of course, not all the companies provide their customers with discounts, but we have the special list of the ones that do. All the available information about the discounts you can find on our site.

Academiawriters.com review

Academiawriters.com review and discounts Description Academiawriters.com is a website which is overloaded with small pieces of information. The information is arranged in a very complicated way, so when you first get to this website, it is difficult to focus on the information and find out what you really need to know. Price policy The prices on Academiawriters.com are huge! If compare this price policy with price policy on similar websites it is easy to notice that the prices are not more

mypapergeek.com review

mypapergeek.com review and discounts Description I ordered a political science paper from this company. Dealing with the site was quite disappointing as I didn’t get what I paid for at once and only got 75% for that paper. Taking into consideration slow support, I’ll place my next order elsewhere. As soon as I got the task to write a research paper on political science, I started searching for a worthy service to help me out. This paper was worth a more

Write-right.net review

Write-right.net review and discounts Description Write-right.net is the website with original web design and nice navigation. Moreover, a client can easily find relevant information about service and writers. There exists a blog, but articles published there can hardly be estimated as useful. They simply help the client to understand what topics are covered by the writers from this website. Price policy The website boasts of extremely low prices for the service. In fact, the paper ordered on this website is more

globalwritings.com review

globalwritings.com review and discounts The quality of service of this site can be better. My order wasn’t done on time and there was a lot of inaccuracies and mistakes in the information prepared by my writer. I ordered 4 pages and the writer sent me it two days after the deadline. That’s why I had to find someone else who can write my science work in the very short term. As I was in success with coming to agreement with more

affordablepapers.com review

affordablepapers.com review and disocunts Description A very interesting web design and wonderfully arranged information are the most vivid details of Affordablepapers.com. However, the smile appears on the face when you start reading the content. The thing is that one and the same “key phrase” repeats several times in one and the same sentence. Yes, maybe it’s good for SEO, but it really irritates the customers who are willing to know relevant information about the company. Price policy The website promises more

essayontime.com review

essayontime.com review and discounts Description It’s not a good value for money service. The paper they wrote for me did not fully follow requirements. Usability I can’t say for sure what exactly attracted me in this website among others. It’s not that different or anyhow special. Maybe it’s just because I like blue color. : ) Anyway, what I wanted to find out about the company, I found in questions/answers section and while talking to support. As I needed my more